Requesting a Workshop, Campus Tour, Attendance at a UMass Amherst Event, or Student Speaker

To schedule a campus tour, a visit to a sporting or cultural event, or to invite Student Bridges Ambassadors to speak with your students about what it’s like to attend college, you may either download the form Here or email with the following information well in advance of your requested date:

  • Name of your organization
  • Your name, title and contact information.
  • What you are requesting (a workshop, campus tour, attendance at an event (if so, what event?), student speakers, etc.)
  • The date(s) and time(s) you are requesting, and how flexible these dates and times are
  • The age range of the students that we will be working with
  • Other details/comments
  • Any transportation requests (Note: while we can sometimes fund transportation for your students, our funds are limited. We ask that you provide transportation if at all possible.)

Becoming a Student Bridges Partner Organization

To select our partner programs, Student Bridges conducted a series of interviews with schools, UMass student groups, and community organizations to determine the partnerships that would best meet Student Bridges’ mission. However, the program is steadily growing, and we hope to be able to expand our partnerships in the future. If your organization is interested in partnering with us, contact