Ambassador Program

Student Bridges Ambassador Program (SBA)

Student Bridges is a student run organization whose goal is to increase college access and success for underrepresented students by building partnerships with local schools and community organizations, offering college awareness, preparation and success activities, and advocating for enhanced institutional and public policies and practices. Through our Ambassador program we aim to expand and allow people who share this same beliefs to become involved in our movement and aid us on our path towards accomplishing our goals.

Who can be an Ambassador?

Ambassadors come from a variety of areas which includes, but is not limited to past or current faculty and students in Student Bridges SRVCLRNG293: Learning Through Community Engagement course.   The Ambassador program aims to find a way to allow the general population and registered student organizations to become allies in our movement.

What is required to become an Ambassador?

One must demonstrate a genuine interest in community service learning and our organization’s mission and goals and attend at least one Ambassador informational/ training session.

Basic Tasks

  • Promotion
  • Support Student Bridges College Awareness Tours
  • Volunteer at events ex. Hip Hop Revolution, Arts Workshop
  • Volunteer at fundraisers

When do you volunteer?

Ambassadors are not required to commit to a specific amount of hours. Ambassadors get the freedom of deciding what events and how long they would like to volunteer for.  This is what is unique about our program. However, at each of our informational sessions, the top 7 Ambassadors of the month will be awarded for their service. The top 5 Ambassadors at the end of each semester will given the opportunity to join the Student Bridges staff for their End of Semester Retreat.

Why be an Ambassador?

Members will gain hands on experience in community service learning, opportunities to build relationships with others who share the passion and numerous networking opportunities. This is a great way to meet faculty whom can provide letters of recommendation, get a glimpse of what taking our course or being a student staff member entails and stand out during Student Bridges hiring process.